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Pettisville School Levy Information 2020

What will 34¢ Buy?


3.5 mill continuing Permanent Improvements Levy

The proposed levy will cost the owner of a
$100,000 Property, $122.50 per year or 34¢ per day.
It Will Yield $222,000 annually.

Why is the levy needed?
The levy is needed to provide additional funds for building upkeep and to allow completion of the Outdoor Project. The levy will...

  • Generate about $90,000 annually for the permanent improvements fund.

  • Fund completion of the Outdoor Project, through a loan to be paid off by receipts from the P I levy.

Specifically, the 3.5 mill levy will …

  1. Provide ongoing funding source to properly maintain our 25 million dollar+ investment in buildings and grounds. The levy will yield, after the loan payment, about $90,000 annually for permanent improvement purposes. After the loan is retired (a maximum of 10 years) the full $222,000 annually will go to the “permanent improvement” (P.I.) Fund.
  2. Upgrade outdoor areas not funded by the 2011 building project. The outdoor project will include site work (walks, bleachers, scoreboards, a playground at south fields) and construction of restrooms and concession stands at outdoor sites. The board will borrow against the PI levy to fund the outdoor projects.

Support our Pettisville Students

Public Meetings

The board of education will be holding three public informational meetings. You are invited to attend.

  • Monday, February 24 at Pettisville School -- 7:00 PM – Varsity Gym
  • Saturday, March 7 at Pettisville School-- 9:00 AM – Varsity Gym
  • Monday, March 9 -- Tedrow Mennonite Church--7:00 PM

The Outdoor Project

When will the Outdoor Project take place?  
The intent is to have most of the project completed by spring of 2021.

What outdoor sites are included in the project?

  1. South Fields across from school

  2. Varsity baseball field

  3. Varsity soccer field

  4. Track and field facility

What will the outdoor project cost? 
Approximately $1,200,000

Are these figures definite?
No. We are working from preliminary cost estimates provided by an architect. Changes may be involved as the project develops.

Are donations a part of the project?
Donations to the project thus far include $110,000 committed by the Pettisville Athletic Boosters and $65,000 by the Pettisville School Foundation. The PSF will accept donations for the Outdoor Project.

Mail to:
Pettisville School Foundation
PO Box 53111
Pettisville, OH 43553

The Slideshow below shows Ideas Of Structures to Complete Our "Outdoor Projects" Plus The Other "Permanent Improvement" Needs This Levy will support.


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